Spamming an article . . .

Despite getting updates fed to my email, it was only poking around in my post-migraine hangover this afteroon that I discovered Alley Valkyrie’s post on the Delta Ponds over at The Wild Hunt.

I am positively gleeful to find this. In the map of my religious landscape, Delta Ponds has been a sacred spot since 2009; it is where I held the first Poseidon of the Ponds, and the space was just . . . well. She sums it up quite well, an example of the profane becoming something sacred. I’m reminded, too, at a time when I really could use the reminder, that the interconnectedness does not go away when it’s too heavy to carry, that greenwashing does not mean it’s okay to put blinders on, and that Poseidon did not lead me to that spot just because there was freshwater to be found there. There are ecological nuances to the history of that spot that need to be held in one’s mind.

Yet, still, the glee at finding this article, and being reminded, on this miserable-feeling day, about wonderful, wonderful things.


3 thoughts on “Spamming an article . . .

  1. Thank you for this post! I could hear more about your thoughts on greenwashing – I’ve been working to protect a local canyon from having a ski resort built on it. This restores my motivation to connect with like minded people who don’t want to see that waterway destroyed.
    I look forward to a day when the companies who make the messes get to pay for their cleanup but have it managed by agencies like the army CofE. I just don’t think the companies should be trusted to supervise their own cleanup – I think there should be an independent clean-up and then the company gets a bill for it. Just my 2 cents. Sorry about your migraines. Hope the M hangover wasn’t too bad. Have you tried skull cap or violet leaf? They’re my life savers, I drink loads of tea from those two, and I’ve gone from having weekly migraines, to having occasional migraines (well, I think that, and not eating wheat any more, and staying far away from ppl who wear synthetic fragrance, haha). Best of luck and I look forward to more posts!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Faye. Ugh, fragrances. I have such a hard time with a number of natural fragrances; the idea of synthetic ones is a nightmare! My current regimen is feverfew and magnesium, but there are days when that just does not do the trick. Yay for stress triggers. I’m staunchily hanging on to my wheat consumption; I’ve had to cut out so many other foods over the years, I do not want to give up my bread!

      Best of luck with your canyon project. There are so many, it’s daunting to even begin to think of them. (Because the world needs more ski resorts?)

      • Thank you! I’m starting to have issues with naturals, now. I almost got a migraine yesterday after testing some essential oils. They were all blends. I was drawn to two or three, but the rep said you’re supposed to do all six in a certain order (next time I know enough to say, “Pass, thanks”).

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