Sanctuary Farm is out!

Doing this the lazy way, but that’s okay, because I say so!

The Saturated Page

My new short story Sanctuary Farm is now out, along with the whole, awesomes Autumnal Issue of Eternal Haunted Summer. Once again, Rebecca has done a fabulous job at getting material out there for us, and to us, and you really out to hop over and take advantage of her hard work and generosity.

She also wrote a review for The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales, which has me squirming in my seat and blushing quite a bit. A helpful review, too — because the critiques address the fact that I need to not let things (like formatting tables of content for example) scare me into not doing them, and also reminds me that just because things are obvious to me, they may not be obvious to others. I’ll admit that I formatted the eBook before I actually read many eBooks, so eformat aesthetics were…

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