Charity: Water

A few things are likely clear at this point, but in case they are not: I don’t really hold any of the “mainstream” religions, nor their people, as my enemy. As I get older and as our world gets smaller, I am more interested in things like compassion, kindness, respect, and love. Focusing on our sameness — we are all, whatever else we might be, human animals upon this planet, are we not? Too much has been done to divide. May sound paradoxical, as I’m also something of a tribalist, but there it is. Also, I’ve never been one of the polytheists to treat monotheists as the evil, oppressive enemy. Yes, there were violent conversions and there are violent acts that happen today around the world, but I can’t look at Christianity’s history and even try to pretend that the polytheists at the time were blameless to atrocities being carried out. People are people.

Another thing that might be clear: there are people making videos and posting online who are not pagan, who are monotheists, whose writing and sharing and ideas I find inspiration from and value in. I am unendingly grateful for any reminder I receive that not only are people people, but people are people, and there is good in the world. Kindness and goodness and generosity.

I am Poseidon’s. I am utterly devoted to my God, utterly in love with Him, utterly awed by, and utterly, utterly His. And this wonderful, generous, dark god of mine has this thing, you might say, with water. So, I’m sharing this here, and I hope that I don’t have to explain to anyone why it’s appropriate, even though it’s a fundraiser being headed up by two Muslim women during Ramadan as their charity project.

I am researching this main charity and I may or may not end up starting my own fundraiser, in His name, in honor of Poseidon. But, this is one of those things when there’s really no competition (because, water, for the people. Though it would be awesome to end thirst everywhere and have this be unnecessary) and why wait when they are narrowing in on their goal, and I could use this space to signal boost. So, I am.

and here is their project page. Donate, if you can. Spread the word, if you can’t. Offer prayers to your gods, to look after the people who thirst and who die, thirsty.

Hail, Poseidon. Hail, the Rain-Makers. Hail, the life-givers.


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  1. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    One great idea for a devotional offering is to search out a charity or cause that would have special appeal to your particular god, and either volunteer or make a donation to it. I am going to be doing something like this with the Odin prayer book when it eventually comes out (although I haven’t decided on the exact charity yet). Jo has chosen, for obvious reasons, a charity having to do with water–in this case, with making sure clean drinking water is available in areas where it is lacking. I think this is a wonderful and very fitting tribute to her Beloved God, and I especially admire the fact that she isn’t letting ideological differences get in the way of supporting someone else’s campaign.

  2. rlbfitzy says:

    A hearty hail indeed! I became more socially and politically minded once I settled in Ottawa and the longer I live here the more my awareness of it grows. One of the reasons I volenteer and participate in social activism is because I believe that helping the community is one of Thor/Thunor/donar’s passions as he is a friend and helper of the common folk. I hope that her charity goes very well.

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