Amazing, these things . . .


I forget, at times, that doing spiritual and religious things are, you know, things. So, the vigil was a thing. The fasting was a thing, for as long as it happened. The energy sending? A thing. Focusing on prayers? Definitely a thing. I find myself exhausted this week, and so I get home and I’m running my “I am overrun” fevers. I was in bed by 8 last night and that might repeat tonight. I may end up being in bed earlier than that, really. We’ll see. I forget, when I’m not thinking about it, that energy exchanging is a thing that has real results and all that.

Writing has halted this week. I’ll be fixing that this weekend. Today will be about copious amounts of tea.

For all that I’m still feeling overwhelmed and raw, I am less defeated-feeling that I was a few days ago. It cycles, you see. It’s good, it’s okay, I’ll get through that cycle. I enjoy my ups and downs, they teach me much about myself.

My gratitude, of course, to Poseidon, who offers nothing but support and generosity in the face of my, “I can’t bear to stand before the shrine right now. I’ll pray in bed.” The shrine, the *things* are for me, for ease of focus, they aren’t for Him, He has never been, with me, a god who demanded things. He’s not much of a magpie, is my God.


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  1. Julia says:

    Awww, ((hugs)) and lots of healing, recuperative energy coming your way….

  2. Jove says:

    Take good care of yourself. May you be well and full of useful energy. I know what you mean about energy exchanging — I am far to rash with this, and pay the price.

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