It is done

Yesterday was the last day of my Poseidon Taureos festival. It was not at all what I expected it would be, and yet exactly as I thought it might go. Poseidon is a generous god, even with His suffering, and I am still reeling from the various epiphanies I was granted during this week. Some, I am still struggling with — and yet, had it not been for the happenings in June, I think I’d be struggling even more that I am. As it is, I fully believe that I deserve these things my god grants me to witness and know, simply because He deems that I should witness and know these things. That is enough for me.

The funerary offering took place before the official “closing” of the Pamplona ceremony. I’d considered pushing it back a day, so that it would be after their festival was complete, and next year I might, but this year I was compelled to do it as I did it. It was a simple thing — a mindful and heavy and long procession to the river park with my simple offerings — a bouquet, wine, and a portion of coins to pay for the passage of the dead. I left shortly after dawn. My prayers were simple, as they often are, and the wine, coins, and flowers were given unto the water. Oh, right, and the grief, too. Because now is the time to set aside carrying this burden, for another year.

I’m already considering the things I want to do differently next year. More elaborate shrine presence. More elaborate prayers to the various gods I honor during this time — which means I need to actually write them. I found a perfect prayer for Indra, for this bit, and I may model the prayers for the others (Poseidon, Dionysos, Apollon, Zeus, the Dioskouri, etc.) after it, in the future.

I sat, for a while, watching the water and the swallows and the osprey and ducks and fish, and let the grief drain from me, to go westward with the river. I sat with my Beloved and felt His pride, and His gratitude, and His love, and I hope that He felt my adoration in return. And then, we walked home together, and it was good.

Hail Poseidon Taureos — for Your presence, Your Strength, Your savage grace, I praise You. I thank You. Comfort these spirits, torn from their life in their prime, cut down by greed, sacrificed in such a profane way. Grant them holiness, grant them rest, grant them majesty and might, and grant that the scales be balanced in the end. Hail, my lovely, awesome god.


6 thoughts on “It is done

    • How can I not? I’m . . . amazed, and amazed that I’m amazed. I’m not sorry to see it go, because it’s horrible, but I’m finding, the first night of sleeping through (except the migraine night, but that didn’t count as rest really) and not getting up to hold my vigil and prayer period was . . . disappointing, in a way. May explore that.

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