Calendars are neat things

And if I had happened to look upon my own calendar before yesterday, I would have released that I had my days wrong. Oops. So, the last day is Sunday, not Saturday. Happily, since that part is observed by myself only, it’s easy enough to tweak. Tonight I need to (if I’m going to) write up the prayer offering: so, I suppose now is a time to offer: If anyone wants anything read at the ritual, let me know, and I’ll include it. Anything for the bulls, anything for the bull-aspect of any particular god, send them to me and I’ll include them as I’m surrendering the offerings to the water. I’ll be heading to the river early Sunday morning, so there’s time yet.

I am *exhausted* by this observance. Monday? Monday I am going to rest.


One thought on “Calendars are neat things

  1. Trips to the river are always such a healing thing, I believe. The waters never judge, they just take what you give them and swallow it up forever, moving it away from you. I think this observation of yours is a beautiful thing and I believe that I will join you next year. For this year, I’m simply lighting a candle…although, Thor has asked me what I know about Poseidon’s horses. I have heard of them, but must admit that’s as far as I can go on that. I feel another lengthy email exchange coming on;)

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