Before the next week commences . . .

I want to take a moment to plug Beth’s blog and the Tour de Fleece project she’s participating in. It’s a tad bit like NaNoWriMo, only for spinners, looks like. And it’s awesome, and amazing, and she’s getting a lot of stuff done, and all that goodness. Most importantly: it’s making the dog happy, because she’s staying home some days with him and it’s been great for him!

In just four hours the weeklong still un-named festival/vigil/observance in honor of Poseidon Taureos (among others) begins, and I’ll be posting about that as it goes. Last year the festival was eclipsed by my grandfather’s death (which actually fits in with the sobriety of the festival, if nothing else, and hey, I did want the time to be grueling and all that fun stuff, so score on that, too) and I wasn’t able to observe it exactly the way I wanted to be (because, you know. Surprise and immediate cross country traveling can do that to you, and squee, here’s your heart, some assembly required). This year? This year I’m realizing: some planning is good, but staying open to the experience is best. So, minimal framework, of which I’ll write about later, and then just, open. But, before sobriety descends upon the blog, go and check out Beth’s stuff!


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