So, about that last post . . .

I realized, belatedly, that in the not taking the things that helped moodwise, I’d also been neglecting to take the non-mood supplements. Most especially important here would be the magnesium which has been cutting down the frequency and severity of the migraines. And somehow I’m surprised that I’ve been headachy all week? Last night I was hit with panic, desperation, an inability to concentrate, and fatigue. And in the wee hours I was hit with a nice migraine, and was able to trace back all the symptoms. I hate that such things are so vague. I don’t hate that the lifetime of this particular one is as short as it is — a scant four hours and I’m already into migraine hangover rather than actual migraine.

Posting here because: I need to listen better. Almost as soon as I got home last night I was urged to retire to the bedroom, to drink water, to sit with a cloth on my head, to just relax. And I decide that that was me, being lazy. How much did I actually accomplish in my frantic tailspin? Not a whole lot. Managed to take a shower and be super clutzy and hurt myself twice in the process. Woohoo! And mess up my knitting project, which I have to partially rip out tonight when I have the ability to concentrate on it.

But, it’s okay. It’ll be okay.

Next week starts Poseidon Taureos, and I’m much looking forward to that. (If one can be said to look forward to such afestival? It’s sort of like looking forward to Yule, I suppose. I love those holy days, but it’s a dark, somber time . .. )

edited to add: as I sit down with tea this morning, I realize that my first signs of the impending doom might have been the tea that I could not brew to safe my life yesterday. Both cups “tasted” off. And I’m wondering if it might not have been my taste buds that were “off”. Hrm. . . . Fun with Migraines!


7 thoughts on “So, about that last post . . .

  1. Dark, somber times usually equal restful, healing times for me. I am glad you are looking forward to it….and I hope the migraines go away. Take those supplements. We don’t want you suffering.

    • I do feel most comfortable during dark, somber times. I’ll be posting more during the week, about the festival and things I am moved to share. Very likely including pictures. Magnesium will not be forgotten again, lemme tell you. Migraines simply are a part of my life, but knowing that I can make them not as bad, and not as longlived means I have no good reason *not* to. Something about using the tools that are available to you . . .

  2. I find magnesium and feverfew helps my migraines too. I also have the scary kind with the flashy eye, ocular migraines. So I have to wear dark glasses every time I’m in a bright environment. You have my full sympathy.

    • I’m grateful my migraines most of the time do not affect my vision beyond making things squiggly. Migraines suck.

  3. Stress depletes magnesium very rapidly, I’ve read, and then the deficiency is a large flashing welcome sign for migraines. I also get rapidly dehydrated from stress, which is another invitation. Magnesium supplements helped a lot, but for me, what made the biggest difference was eliminating trigger foods (which are cheese, sulfites, nitrates, preservatives in general, msg, gluten, and processed sugar, for me).

    • At this point, I’ve tweaked a lot of my food intake to avoid the worst of the triggers. I still have beer now and again, which is bad for both that and some other issues I’ve got, hence the now and again. I love the magnesium, and am still amused that this isn’t even why I started taking it. Woohoo for unexpected benefits. And, again, migraines suck. I’m sorry you get to experience them too.

      • I found it to definitely be useful after I had anything to drink with preventing bad repercussions, and would take extra on those days, though I pretty much stopped drinking when my health became more precarious.

        Freyr asks that I consume any offerings I make to him, so when I have mead for him or honey liquor, I tend to use a very small amount (three swallows), which doesn’t seem to upset my chemical balance. He’s extremely understanding about my health and preferences and very supportive, which I’m deeply grateful about.

        They do suck. Brand has been laying in the dark all day with one.

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