Shrine Plaques for minimal space in domestic worship


Okay, listen. Her artwork is amazing. She makes me very glad that I’m not involved in the plastic arts, because I’d feel extremely inferior with my meager skills, seeing what she can churn out in a day. If you’re looking for devotional art, you need to see what she can do, and then you need to start a dialogue with her, because her work is great. Paintings? Check. Statue? Check! Plaques? Check. Is there anything she can’t do? So far, I haven’t seen it. 🙂 And I attest that of which I know — she painted my Angel and the Hunt painting (which Beth calls the Odin painting, but it’s really all about Angel and the Hunt, you guys) Just, go, and look and see and then buy. 🙂

Beloved in Light

Recently I have gotten on a huge kick making shrine-plaques. That is my word for an old idea. There are many ancient images which are set up to look like the front of a temple with the deity (or deities) of the temple standing within it. I am of the opinion that these probably would have been popular among those who made pilgrimages to holy sites to bring back to worship the god in their homes, or were otherwise just readily available for household worship. I have had two people upon seeing my shrine-plaques in fact compare them with lararium which are a very similar concept. Of course these shrine plaques are far less expensive to make than my statues and also are quicker to make too as they are two dimensional rather than 3 dimensional lol. This is of course a boon to me and customers both because I can…

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