The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction


Yes, I am spamming my own other blog. Or, I’m too lazy to copy and paste it here. My review of The Shining Cities . . .

The Saturated Page

Last year Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the publishing arm of Neos Alexandrina released The Shining Cities, which is exactly as the subtitle suggests: an anthology of pagan science fiction. Pagan science fiction stories written by pagans, for pagans. I purchased a copy as soon as it came out, read the first story, then the next, and the next and the next and then set in down because I was reading it too fast and I wanted to savor.


Here we are, months later. I picked it up two days ago, intending to savor. I just . . . couldn’t help myself. The tales and poems collected in this anthology have blown my mind. Many have made me fall in love with story telling all over again. I love stories. I love settings that are familiar and known and restful. And I love settings that are new, exotic, bleak, lush.

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  1. I’m simple still in shock every time I see my name printed in my copy of it…

    1. naiadis says:

      Well, you should move a bit out of shock and into pride, because this is an amazing collection. And, I say that with proper humility — I love the story of my own that’s in it, but I feel a bit out of depth, with so many other great (better!) stories around it. I realize I run the risk of sounding like I’m gushing, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I’ve read an anthology wherein I so thoroughly enjoyed *every* *single* contribution so much. “oooh, this one is my favorite! Oh, wait THIS one is my favorite! Hang on, no, this one is . . . ” It was quite a treat.

      1. definitely encouraging me to finish chapter 2

        1. naiadis says:

          Oh, certainly do feel encouraged!

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