Bastet Shrine




Shrine, angle right.


Shrine, angle left.

Bastet’s shrine sits atop our Beloved Dead non-human shrine. When I tried moving Her shrine elsewhere it really, really felt wrong. I don’t love that in order to give Her offerings I need to climb up on a chair, but I love this statue presiding over the living space. The dead dog plushy is a nod to the shrine below Her. Bastet is one of our background deities, for the most part, but we have strong, deep feelings for Her.

Also, I love this statue. The pictures do the soft, benevolent smile no justice.


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  1. Arjunī says:

    For a second I thought that the plushy was Grumpy Cat, which just made me giggle!

    The shrine – and especially the statue – are lovely. 🙂

    1. naiadis says:

      *lol* It’s not quite Grumpy Cat, but we do love ourselves some GC in this household. I fell in love with that statue right after we re-homed two of our girls, and Bastet comforted me during that time. I wish the grin could be captured decently. It is a very darling statue.

    1. naiadis says:

      Simple, but I adore simple. I just wish I were taller.

  2. Teka Lynn says:

    Dua Bast!

    1. naiadis says:


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