Poseidon of the Houses, or Poseidon Domatites, or Foundation


You are the Foundation,
cellar dug deep for stores to be laid up, to see us through our lean times,
stone ringed ’round, thick and strong, to carry the weight of our dwelling.
You are the framework.
Timber hewn and set in place, the bones of this structure that is my life,
solidly braced throughout, giving shape to so much raw material.
You are the openings,
Windows and doors placed in just the right locations to let in light, air, breath,
and easily shuttered when the outside elements threaten to overwhelm this sanctuary.
You are the walls
Plaster and paint, the flesh of this space, gently partitioning off the rooms of my soul,
providing layer upon layer of solitude and privacy as needed, but welcoming enough for company, at need.
You are the chamber in the heart of the house,
replete with all the lush comfort any bedroom could offer, rich textiles,
and the intimacy that comes from such a place, that goes deeper than blood, than life, than something so simple as love.
You are my hearth
at the center of it all, my life is an offering poured into the flame of Your divine glory,
All that is nourishing and warm and life-giving within me comes from Your shelter, Your blessings, Your generosity.
You are the Foundation.


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  1. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    An amazing poem written by my partner Jolene with her god-Husband (Poseidon) in mind, but for me it evokes the essence of this type of relationship in a more universal way, too. My own Husband, Odin, is my heart, my home, and my hearth as well, the bedrock on which my life has been built (or rebuilt), the touchstone Whose guidance shapes everything I do, the Presence Whose love gives my life meaning. And for me, whatever the trappings of your outward practice, this is exactly how it should be when you are in an intimate relationship with a god or spirit. This is the point of it all, to give Them everything because They already are everything. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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