Hail Earth, That Giveth To All


Interestingly enough, the photo I have to share isn’t of Jord’s shrine — largely as Jord’s shrine is not yet assembled in our household. On earth day we of course think of Her, but my thoughts also turn to the various Mothers of the Gods, specifically Bestla and Rhea. Our plans for the day involve getting dirty — evening out the garden bed that will grow some of our food this summer, so that we can get planting, mostly. This is the first year I’ll have any experience in a not-frame garden bed, so it’ll be interesting. Our neighbor managed to get his to look nice and even, and I am to follow that example. And, then, we’ll plant the leeks that Beth brought home on Saturday. And I’m ignoring my need to Plan Everything, because experience will give me more knowledge than planning will. (The bed is something crazy long by two or three feet wide. I want to say thirty feet but that seems to long, and also not long enough. I don’t know how many of me I could lay down along side it, but certainly at least three. Possibly four, maybe even five. It’s long) We want: squash, kale, tomatoes, peas, beans, lettuce. Actually the lettuce we may pot or even put in the front for the dog’s grazing pleasure.

Bed planning has me wanting to plan the other beds — like the bed of native bleeding hearts and violets I want in over the graves in the yard. And the garden I want to set up for Poseidon (which will have pansies and violas and possible a gourd or two, and maybe even a home-made fountain/pond by the end of it. Water lilies would be neat.) And the nine herb garden. And the lilacs I want. And the composting bin I want to set up (which will likely be a smaller DIY storage bin project, since Beth won’t let me have my worms! *pout*)

This morning, though, I found myself before Rhea’s shrine and praying, with my mind toward Her connections to the beasts and the wild. It likely isn’t strange that I find common ground between Jord and Rhea, in those wild places. Contemplating a shared shrine space for the two Ladies. For now, sitting with it, and I thought I’d share an image of the shrine.

Rhea Shrine
Rhea Shrine

The imagine on the left is a representation of Ge, though there’s so much overlap between the Two it makes my head hurt/is awesome, and I really adored the artwork. The image on the right is inspiration for a plaque we want done, for the Bee Spirits, and it will ultimately live over our stove, but for now I loved the colors and wanted it against that red wall. The frogs are somewhat obvious — the black one is made out of coal, in fact. The incense holder is a snail, which is a very awesome critter, for all that they won’t leave my pansies alone. (Borderline creatures like amphibians and mollusks make me think of Poseidon rather strongly, and obviously my connection with Rhea comes primarily from my connection with Poseidon, who is one of Her many offspring).

Like all of my not-Poseidon shrines, it’s small and simple, but I rather am pleased with it. 🙂


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  1. Beth says:

    I don’t hate the idea of a combined Rhea/Jord shrine; looking at the Rhea shrine, it does seem as though it could be for Her, too. 🙂

    1. naiadis says:

      Yeah. I was all, noooooo, but then, you know, I’m also all Ge/Rhea/a lot of overlap, and I can see an easy Jord/Ge common ground, so . . . yeah. 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    Earth Day at the Nunnery! Unfortunately, I am working today and already out of sorts, having started the day out with a panic attack and a nose bleed (mostly from a combination of exhaustion and nervousness over the ritual I have coming up on Walpurgisnacht. I did indeed, as Jo mentions, begin setting up the new Nine Herbs Garden in our fenced backyard this weekend, but it’s too tiny and incomplete to photograph as yet. (I may not even manage to find all Nine Herbs this year.)

  3. Soli says:

    Khaire Rhea! I might have to live vicariously through your gardening adventures.

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