Poseidon of the Horses, in pictures

the evening before, with lamplight
the evening before, with lamplight

I haven’t yet gotten my head to remember things like, hey, if you start the observance at sundown the day before, the shrine being set up “early” makes sense. I am not making myself go through things* faster than it takes me to go through things, so I’ll say honestly that this past week was extremely trying. I am interested in processing my grief while fully throwing myself into the hands of my Gods. This includes in pulling myself together enough to function, pulling myself out of my mundane worries enough to dismiss them from my mind long enough to honor Poseidon with this, the 7th observance of this festival. I did not do these things early enough to get the observance going at sundown the night before, but I did take the time to burn some incense, light the lamp, and pray. And snap some photos.**

Poseidon Hippios

This is a very basic shrine. The mantle is the top part of our hearth shrine. I’m at a point where I want to start including honoring — secondarily to Poseidon, naturally — Pegasos, Sleipnir (oh you faint of heart, singularly focused households, look away now!) and, unexpectedly and yet not, the Dioskouri. That happened, a bit, this year, but there were no physical representations beyond the horse figurine that I have for Poseidon Hippios.

Standard food offerings are: carrots (with greens still!) apples, and sugar cubes. This year fancy demerara sugar cubes! Obviously there are no photos of the energy work offerings.


Flowers! I snipped two of this bouquet for Poseidon’s shrine, and they have not immediately whilted like the last ones, so I’m taking His color suggestions to heart. Pink is a beautiful color that He especially enjoys seeing on me (my wardrobe will attest to this, though I don’t love the color myself) but not so much on His shrine. Duly noted.


**Pushing myself to get in front of the shrine and not skip out on this festival was extremely hard. It brings up all sorts of ideas about miasma and festival purity, but with Poseidon and me, it really comes back to, “Come to Me, and give Me everything.” This week was wretched and grueling, and things are being pulled from me, and every day has been a battle with apathy, because calm detachment isn’t possible right now. And it’s not even that I don’t want to share this with Him — I don’t want to be experiencing it, period. I’m toying with the idea of writing about it all, in greater detail, but currently that’s an excuse to not sit with it and just be so I’m trying to do just that.

I love my God, I truly, truly do.

**Beth took the other pictures. 😉


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  1. Heh, the Twins are sneaky like that. 🙂

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