The dirt!

Yesterday I puttered around in the garden. It reached warm temperatures here, so I dug a spot for the rosemary Beth rescued last year, and planted the bulbs from the bulb-bowl we bought for Idunna and Bragi. I’m skeptical of whether or not I planted them deeply enough, but I also was at the end of my digging endurance, as I was using a trowel where I could more usefully have used a shovel — which we don’t have. I discovered that our chives are coming back and have buds already, that the chocolate mint and lemon balm are both exploring, that the perennial pansies I planted are coming back, and that the cinquefoil is spreading around nicely. I knew the nettle was doing just fine because it’s been doing just fine all along. It’s pluckier than even then mints. I half toyed with the idea of digging up the wild greenery that I don’t want there — some clover, some buttercups — but then a few jumping spiders started scattering around in an uproar and I decided to leave well enough alone. It’s not growing where I want to have other plants, at the time being, so it can stay. We need to tend our heather, but I like the leggy look of it.

I’m awash with garden dreams and plans. In the front I will be putting in an artichoke plant. In the back, once we get said shovel, we’ll turn soil over and put in some veggies. In the side yard, over the graves, I want violets and native bleeding hearts. At some point I want a lilac bush, borage, and a yew tree. Want want want.

Getting my fingers into the soil, getting to watch the creepy crawlies, getting to sweat and be outside . . . yeah, I miss the chill of winter, but I so love spring in this place.

I also picked my yoga practice back up, again again. There are no words to do that feeling justice.


We’ve got festivals coming up in April. On the 10th we’ll be holding our Sigrblot; Poseidon Hippios falls on the 18th; we’ll honor Jord on the 22nd, which is Earth Day (see what we did there?); Walpurgisnacht on the 30th. Also in there is seidhr. Thanks to Beth’s schedule for 2013, a large portion of the Poseidon festivals fall the day before seidhr, since I place the not-date-specific ones on the 8th of the lunar month, and she’s placing seidhr on the 9th of the lunar month. I look, and I see four festivals and a day of obligation, and I’m all, meh, that’s not that many!

I’m looking forward to the Poseidon Hippios festival. This is my longest running created festival for Him, though it’s place in the calendar has fluctuated wildly. More on that closer to the date.


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