So, I live in this bubble . . .

I feel guilty about it a lot, but that doesn’t ever result in my wanting to change it a whole lot. Practically speaking, I’m a bit doom-and-gloom. Put into too big a group, I think humans are unmanageable, but I don’t advocate mass genocide, and so I have no solution to the problem. Bickering over small things (even when small things are important) when there are huge things going on renders me still and silent and hopeless and raw. (And yet, it’s important to know what one is having for a meal even after the house has been washed away in the flood. Life is made up of the small things.)

This is probably old news, and people killing people in horrible ways is horrible, and I don’t much care what religion one is, one ought not be raped, tortured, put to death because of it (nor for a number of other things. I do think some people can only be dealt with by putting them to death, and I mostly do not believe that torture is acceptable even then) but old news or not, this needs to get as much signal boosting as possible, and so I am doing my part.

Read this. It shouldn’t make a difference that, as Jason wrote, these are our people — because people being treated this way is awful, is always awful. But, be that as it may, this makes it more relevant to us — and how awful, that something like this is so common place that we need for it to be made relevant to us. Being alive, being sentient, being incarnate isn’t enough to make it relevant, we need more. Because even as I write this and recoil, I find those barriers drifting back into place. These people are not part of my community, my community is my family, my family is mostly not human and/or not incarnate, what happens on the mortal realm doesn’t overly concern me, etc.

Happy lies, to tell myself when instead it just overwhelms me past the point of madness.

The least I can do is carry this knowledge and accept the sorry that it brings with it. And, also, share.


2 thoughts on “So, I live in this bubble . . .

  1. I can’t even fathom such a thing. Thank you for bringing attention to it, and thanks to the blogger for offering a positive way to help those in that region. While we can do nothing for Yana, at least we can do some small bit to help in her name. It’s not enough, but that’s the sort of thing I have to cling to in order to maintain any semblance of sanity when confronted with this sort of thing.

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