And a new month . . .

Once again the dark moon crept upon us, almost unobserved. This moon I observed from a careful perch in bed, heaped up with pillows, a hot pillow thingie, and book. My back is mightily sore with me (hee!) and it’s a very sad thing. Heat helps, not sitting helps. It’s slowly healing, and it’s not as bad as the last time, but it *is* a reminder that I need to do those exercises, you know, regularly. Not a few times a month regularly. Daily regularly.

I am sad to see Yule/the Hunt season go. In practice, the Hunt season continues for a bit more in our family tradition, but Yule itself is certainly over — the two are tied up so closely, I can’t really name the difference, except the light is changing, and for me that makes a difference in Yule/Not Yule. In my head, leaving Poseidon’s month behind equals the end of Yule for Real, and so, here we are.

I’ve been thinking a lot of think-y thoughts, without actually getting them written out, mostly because I’m working on fiction currently, and I don’t want to break away from that. And yet, deep think-y thoughts want to be explored, in word form. It may happen, it may not — it won’t, until the back is better.

I am happily in love with my family, grateful for our little bubble away from the world, grateful for our slow, unhurried lives once we get home and close the door after work. I love the quiet time, to touch in with my gods, love the ability to light offerings on the shrines, to feel Their presence in my life, to see and count Their blessings. I long for, will likely always long for, community nearby built of the people I love and miss, who are far-flung geographically, but so close in heart.

Today is a good day.


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  1. Leikin says:

    beautiful…. brings a tear to my eye…. much love my friend, this resonates..very much with me

    1. naiadis says:

      There are days when the gratitude hits, and lately, it’s been hitting pretty hard. Which is a nice change to the blah.

      1. Leikin says:

        πŸ˜€ “like”

  2. Beth says:

    I love you and hope your poor back feels better soon! I’ve felt the shift from Yule to non-Yule, too; it is the light and something in the air that changes. And here, immediately after Yule spring begins, no matter how cold and stormy the weather is. I still feel the Hunt around, but things have changed. I feel their activity during Yule as a heaviness, a serious and purposeful intensity, and that has passed.

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