A few posts worth mentioning

Even though I’ve posted here recently, between the various off-computer/non-writing stuff I’ve got going on (I’ve reached the point, in my pre-gifting-holidays crafting that I miss writing with a visceral ache), it seems to me at least that I haven’t been making much effort to stay connected. That doesn’t mean I’m not making a token effort, I just recognize that I’m a bit withdrawn. Though that is typical for this time of year for me. That said, I’ve read a few things lately that I thought I’d pass along because they’re worth sharing. To that end:

Beth is setting aside her anniversary month to focus more specifically on her relationship with Odin. She’s got a number of devotional activities planned, and one that I’m excited about and want to pass on is her Ask Me About Odin offer. Because I’m nosy, I love seeing other people’s ideas and experiences with the gods, with interacting with them, and various takes on various stories and the lore, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing where this project goes, so do please ask questions!

Beth also has fiber stuff going on! Go and drool over those colors, which are amazing, and then do also take time to feel a tad sorry for me — those fleeces? Are being washed, a bucket full at a time, in our bathtub! Do you know how dirty they start? And dirt is a nice euphemism for . . . not dirt. I even have a ditty about fleeces with feces. Ditties are important as one is painstakingly fishing fiber out of the bathtub. Don’t judge.

And then I also want to share Soli’s post about GMO foods and the video she’s linked to in this post, because spreading knowledge is important. I have to be honest that my vigilance on the food front has slipped a lot this year, and I’m not proud of it. The rising problem I’ve had with heartburn and the food restrictions, on top of the food restrictions I already have to help cut down migraines, combined with the food restrictions we have with Beth’s various ailments, has made grocery shopping a nightmare. Adding more to that has been too much for this year, but I’m slowly getting back to having awareness on that front, too. Education is important.

There were other things I’d wanted to share, but at the moment, they’ve slipped my mind. So, until I remember and share (or should I say, if?) do go and click and check these posts out!


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