To Be Titled, or Full Moon Feast

As mentioned here, Beth and I are beginning the tradition of having a monthly “come together and honor our immediate family-and-spirits” feast, centered around the full moon. Ultimately, in my head, I want it to be a weekly occurrence, a refocusing regularly on what’s important in our lives, turning away from the every day rat race of the world outside our doors. We are both of us largely disconnected from that, anyway; it is only our jobs that require our attention outside of our home that exposes us to the rat race in the first place.

For the last moon, the blue moon, (to which I quipped: “we perform ritual together once in a blue moon! Har har har!”) we had our first feast, and it helped immeasurably, and gave us an idea of where we want to go with the feast. We started very simply: simple hearth shrine set up (it’s already gotten a tad more fancy, but you have to wait to see that), simple food, simple ritual. Start small, build up.

My shrine for Poseidon! I actually love this shrine a lot. Most of everything on it is either handmade, found objects, or gifts. Not all of it, of course, but *most* of it. After Yule, I’ll be working on an shrine cloth, even. Once I find a lace pattern that is oceany-inspiring, and not too feminine and not too scary.

*ahem* You might recognize the photo on the wall . . . Those who don’t, it’s a prior-to-painting sketch of Poseidon that Lykeia did a while back. I’m naughty; I printed it out. I liked it too much, and my wall was too bare without it! (If you haven’t checked out her artwork, go and do so; she’s amazing!)

Our hearth shrine and simple offerings of shared meal: cut local flowers; a candle; a bowl of the dinner shared with Odin, Poseidon, and various others. Already, the hearth shrine has a second tier to it. I’m aiming for three layers: one for the food offerings (the topmost, because,you know, cats!), fire and images once we decide on what we want and then find it, one for the flowers, and one to hold the water representation. More on that in the future posts.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how the feast went, and I’m looking forward to the next full moon. Happily, it’s the week after our Birthday Extravaganza (which is never very extravagant) so that’s two feast weekends in a row! YAY!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. firefly124 says:

    Lovely shrines. You’re right, a simple rite is definitely the best place to start. Looking forward to hearing how the next one goes!

  2. Beth says:

    I’m really very much enjoying our new tradition! (And now I guess I’ll have to post my own pics.) 🙂

  3. Lily says:

    I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. I really need to do something like this myself.

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