Depression looks like this

daddy Zerk, brother Grim, brother Neech, and cousin Corbie off to the right. We miss Princess.
Our boyos are so very sensitive. They’re frantic if they’re shut out of any room right now, and when they aren’t coming after us for attention, they’re in their boyjumble, which is usually reserved for colder nights. They’re jumpy, easily startled, and quick to bottle-brush. Even Corbie, a bit off to the side, is showing signs of depression.

Losing family members in hard. My poor, poor boyos. We gals are trying our best to keep ourselves, and our routines, together, Beth, myself and Luna. We have to be there for the boyos.

And I cannot get “Wake Me Up When September Ends” out of my head.


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  1. Hi,

    First off, I am very sorry for your loss. Cats are remarkably sensitive and I’ve always thought of them as little people in cat suits…easily another member of the family!

    This is an odd introduction but – I happened upon your blog and I think it’s great and well written and I have a question. Your posts about losing your cat were touching and inspirational. I’m writing an article about grief and one of the points I’m touching on is the different types of grief.

    Would you be ok with my referring to your recent experience in my article? It’d all be anonymous, of course, and not intended for a huge audience.

    Again, I apologize for the awkwardness. I’m feeling very awkward right about now and I truly hope I’ve not come across as completely inappropriate. *blush* If I have in any way by all means feel free to say so!

    1. naiadis says:

      Yay for odd introductions and awkwardness! Seriously — life is fun, in watching what touches who when and why and how . . . possibly that’s the fiction writer in me? I dunno.

      I am so very lucky to have such a great group of cats who all pretty much get along, and clearly adore one another. They continue to improve, mood-wise (go on and tell me they don’t have moods and feelings!), so this is very good. They are certainly little people in cat suits, but then I’ve got a pretty wide open idea of what constitutes “people” anyway 😉

      I’m more than okay if you refer to my recent loss. Granted, I’m biased, but if it makes other people know how awesome Princess was (and they obviously can’t, but I’m still in that illogical place of grief, where I want to show EVERYONE how AWESOME she was, the driving emotion being, if everyone knows, then she won’t be gone, which, yay for grief!) it’s a good thing.

      Thank you, though, for asking first. And I realize it must have felt awkward, but really, the whole thing was fine, so need need for worrying about inappropriateness. Let me know when the article is up; it’s a topic near to my heart right now.

  2. Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m wanting to make my articles a series – the first one talking about grief, my own experience, the basics etc. Then I wanted to look at the experiences of others and that’s where your experience spoke to me. She sounds like an amazing little kitty.

    But in the spirit of awkwardness…it wasn’t just reading about loss that led me to find your blog. I think it’s awesome in general. As an eccentric, really* shy pagan woman who is surrounded by people who are not very much like me, I love reading about the experiences of others in the pagan community, even if they’re far away. 🙂

    (*When I say really, I mean really really REALLY!)

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