Go read about my book!

Shameless self-promo, but, as I’ve mentioned before, the reasoning behind this book is largely spiritual in nature — an offering of thanks for the spirits of the place in which I live. I’ve got a guest blog spot up at Patty Henderson’s blog <a href="http://thehendersonfiles.blogspot.com. Thanks for the exposure, Patty!

Feel free to check out a story sample at my writing blog, at the very least. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Go read about my book!

      • eeeeeeeeeeeh. Possibly? When I was 11 I could have handled it, but at 11 I was reading Stephen King and V.C. Andrews and Dean Koontz. My stories can tend to be a bit visceral. I don’t believe I have anything overly graphic, but there is violence, there is swearing, and, because it’s Poseidon’s myths, there’s mention of rape. It’s certainly more 11 year old friendly than The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales. Which doesn’t help you at all.

  1. lol. Probably a bit too old for him. We try to shelter what he reads/sees on TV until he’s older. What I would love to find is a collection of stories about Poseidon that are kid friendly / age appropriate. It’s so hard because the myths are so harsh at times.

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