More of a reminder to self than anything else


You are here, obviously, for the writing. It’s fun and it’s amazing and possibly most importantly for the mental health of you, it keeps you tapped into the spiritual worlds like nothing else so for crying out loud stop forgetting that!

Some people dance. Some people paint. Some people hold elaborate rituals filled with various steps and stages to help bring them closer to their gods and spirits. Some people study. Some people ride horses. Some go for walks. Others practice yoga. (okay, I do those last two things, too.)

I pick up a pen, write down what comes to me, and in doing so tear down the already thin veil between this world and the rest of them. There is nothing else that I do that keeps me as firmly anchored in a functioning (for me) place of awe and awareness and not-quite-rooted in this reality we humans share.

I keep forgetting. Why do I keep forgetting? Lately it hasn’t even been that I’ve forgotten entirely so much as I’d forgotten how much it makes a difference.

Speaking of writing, yes, I’ve completely dropped the Pagan Blog Project. No, it wasn’t intentional — the trip east threw me out of everything, and over a month later I’m still getting back to stuff.

More speaking of writing, to help spread the word, I need to point out that there is a Hera devotional in the works and that anyone who is interested in submitting material really, really should. This will be one more pagan devotional work put out by Neos Alexandria, and they’ve got a history of putting out good, quality stuff. I’m looking forward to reading this. (And already musing over what I can submit, as Hera deserves me to at least try to contribute something; She is one who helped save my marriage, after all.)


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  1. Soli says:

    It’s really sad how easily we can forget about the things which help keep us together. Gods know I do on a regular basis.

    1. naiadis says:

      It is terrible, truly. I forget, and then I get into a less than great space, and then it’s hard to remember, and then I remember and it’s so good again, and then . . .well. Yes. Thought, at least I get to experience the ‘it’s so good again,’ part repeatedly?

      1. Soli says:

        yeah. I need to get myself back to that part though. Working on it, really.

  2. Ya know, it is the things that keep us connected that makes devotion and worship a joy rather than just motions. I write, paint, sculpt, and have started yoga and learning the viola. For each of us it is going to be different but it is the fact that we are doing something that matters..because it is the doing that solidifies our relationship to the gods better than anything else..or at least in my humble opinion 🙂

    1. naiadis says:

      Mmmm, yoga. I don’t make enough time for yoga, and I really need to start doing so again. But, yes: devotional acts of joy are often overlooked, and they ought not be.

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