It grows, it grows . . .

It’s getting onto that time again — gardening. When we moved from our old place last year we didn’t take any of the plants we’d planted with us. In retrospect, we wish we had, but there was so much going on and it was one extra thing to do, and we just didn’t. Because our landlords are pretty amazing, we’ve got the okay to turn lawn into garden space in the front, and we’ll be doing that. We have some stuff in from last year: heather, nettles, mint and lemon balm, rock rose. This year, though, we’re starting our veggie and dye garden.

I’m torn, as always: plant in the ground or bring in beds. I’m almost certain I want to bring in raised beds: it’ll help us get rid of some of the lawn; it’ll be easier to weed and pretty much do anything to; it’ll help keep the dog out of the lettuce. (We’re also going to plant him his own little “garden” pot, too) It’ll help keep the soil drained, which will be a problem while we’re still in the rainy season. The only downside is having to buy soil to fill the bed, but we’re starting small with one bed this year, likely a 4×6 or 4×8. I’m almost ambitious enough to get the lumber and build it ourselves, but, we’ll see.

The idea of growing our own veggies again is and exciting, and it brings my mind to Poseidon. Specifically, Poseidon Phytalmios. My festival honoring Poseidon Phytalmios (nurturer/of the growing things) has still not found a happy place in my festival calendar. It was slated this year for late January/early February, but it’s been a slow spring this year and it felt not right. And then, of course, I have to get cerebral about it: the tale that goes with this particular epithet has more to do with a flooding and destroyed foodcrops and less to do with the first flowers, so maybe early spring (the mind still boggles at February=springtime, even though I’ve seen it four times now) isn’t the time for this. Thinking about gardening and lettuces and early greens has me wondering, maybe it should synch up with that, instead. More of a ‘first fruits’ sort of thing. Not because all festivals have to be agriculturally based so much as because I’ve an interest in horticulture, and I’ve an interest in all thing Poseidon and there’s no reason not to create a festival around his epithets . . .

And then I find myself thoroughly tired of thinking about it and no longer excited.

Except, I am. I’m excited about the garden, I’m excited about the fesitval. I’m excited about my path. I love that I can be this many years into my journey and still poke at things like my calendar. I love that it is alive, that my traditions are set down but also plenty malleable.

Gardens! Growing things! We’ll be attempting holly hocks and madder and possibly indigo for dyestuffs, and leaf lettuce and heirloom tomatoes and peas and zucchini for foodstuffs. Possibly more as we go. And artichoke, but that’s for the thistle head when it dies. (Here that Beth? I’ll be watching you . . .)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    If there are chokes to be had, I will be getting some of them…is all I’m sayin’, ;P

    1. naiadis says:

      you are worse than a gopher. 😉

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