Everything ties together

This festival is continuing to be less physically intense than I’d planned it to be in my mind. I’m slowly getting over the cold that descended a week ago. Typically, I bounce back faster than this, but a coworker pointed out that lately I’ve tended to get sick a lot. Conversations with Poseidon had me remembering that it’s not entirely uncommon for people doing healing work to wind up channeling ick through their bodies, effectively taking it on themselves. Just because most of the healing work I offer isn’t offered to humans or involves physical illness doesn’t mean my body won’t process it how it can. I’m not saying that that’s necessarily what’s happening here; I certainly do see the correlation between, “I want to be exhausted and in pain for the duration of the festival” and my suddenly having a hard time sleeping, resting, thinking, and every time I cough or sneeze my head and lungs are hit with exploding pain that result in headaches. It’s not the pain I intended. I prefer clean pain, sharp pain — stabbing, burning, cutting — over the dull pain of headaches. But, it’s not something *I* ought to be controlling, and so, I embrace this, I follow it where it goes, I offer what I can.

It’s hot here, this week, in the Pacific Northwest. Not what I’m used to, but hot enough that my idea of running around the woods frenetically until I drop is not necessarily the best option for this festival. (Although, at night could work . . . .) Hot enough to add a layer of misery to the experience.

Today I’m thinking about my connection to various bulls, about bulls in myths and legends, bulls in history. I’m thinking specifically about Audhumbla, about Uruz, about the Minotaur, about Apis, among others. On either side of my spiritual family, I’ve merely to reach my hand out and I can touch bovines that were mystical, magical, held sacred. These are powerful creatures. It’s pretty amazing.

Poking around for reading material, I discovered The Power of the Bull by Michael Rice and I really, really, really want to happen into a copy of that somewhere. Our library does not have it, nor does our local university library seem to have it, more’s the pity. Bits are available on Google Books, but naturally, not the bits I *really* want to read. Our university spoils me.

Other books that are currently enticing to me include Sacred Bull, Holy Cow, and Bullfighting: A troubled history. This festival isn’t really supposed to be about reading and studying (or even posting, although, so far, I have been); it’s supposed to be about doing. Except, it also needs to be about educating and learning. So, a to-read list for later on, after, before the next one. This isn’t a bad thing.


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