Daffodils Die

Spring comes here early,
Winter’s kiss is slight, half-felt.
A rare snowfall over before its begun.
Flakes alight upon camelia blooms
On fragrant lavender
They melt into soil that rarely freezes.
Rain and moss, lichen and fungus and ferns,
Rich, verdant earth.
Before flowers come there is a riot of green
Shades to dazzle the eyes
And I think of You.
The world drinks deeply of the rain and is sated.
Pools form in meadows,
Ducks paddle in diamonds.
Color explodes,
First white and purple, then yellow, then pale pinks,
And I think of You.
Life does what it does,
The mysteries carry themselves out as spring graces the region.
Praise is given,
To the apple-giver
To the subterranean queen,
to the wine god,
to the scapegoat,
and praise ought to be given, yet
my eyes alight on You
My heart pounds for You.
The world quickens and all I see in your Grace
Nurturing the flowers, the saturated earth.
Your power so great You may sink continents
Your might so great the ground trembles in anticipation of
Your touch,
Feared as often as revered.
But daffodils wither and die without You.
Lilacs never bloom without Your bounty.
The whole world is rendered barren, without You.
A small taste, come summer, when the rains pass.
When the land grows brown and crisp,
As the earth grows dry
As I grow parched.
For now, the sun is stricken, lost behind clouds,
As a torrent pours down
Rages down
Drizzles down,
and I am filled with You.


17 thoughts on “Daffodils Die

  1. beautiful. I have found that high festivals for other gods can also be deeply connected to symbolism for worship of those gods we love even if they have no major festivals at the time, though it is always a pleasure when a new scrap of information comes along that brings even more connection. Though I associate spring showers with Zeus and Hera, I can also see how it would make you think of Poseidon as well! Particularly as the water becomes part of the life giving ground water systems!
    Anyway beautiful work!

    • I can definitely see others in this season, and Zeus with rain, though obviously anything at all water related goes to Poseidon, first, in my mind. Which is how it’s supposed to be.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. Thanks.

      • I love the Orphic hymns to Zeus and Hera.., Zeus all big and bad thunderer and Hera is misty spring rain type thing going on. But you are right how Poseidon would be foremost for you! That is definitely how it is supposed to be!

    • Hee! It trickles, even when I read it, this gentle, rambling thing, but it winds up being *so* much, inside. I’m pleased it translated outside, too.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the simultaneous scope and intimacy of it, the look into that place where priest and beloved meet.

    – Tala

    • Woohoo! Again, and publicly even, I’m *so* sorry I forgot to let you read it first. I think I started typing it up with the mind to get it saved as a draft, but then by the time I finished I’d forgotten. Heh.

    • You’d never be able tell, by reading that, how much I hate getting wet by rain, right? 😉 I’m the weirdest Poseidon-devotee, that way.

      • *grin* consider yourself in company of weirdness… I sunburn like instantanious combustion if I am out in the sun for any length of time 😉 You can appreciate the beauty of the rain and worship appropriately from a dry position 🙂

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